Listen To The Music

Music is considered to be an art form, that helps you to attain peace of mind, and at the same time to get those creative juices flowing.

With a very reputable headphone, they have mentioned that music helps to recharge your batteries(not battery) and helps you to function effectively.

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With different beats, music has different sounds that are both aesthetic and pleasing to hear.

Drummers and Music

Drummers have to keep a note of everything, from the rhythm, pitch, melody, and more. All these elements together, create sound, we call as music.

While you have several types of instruments used to create music, from drums, guitar, piano, to even a Casio, the role of drummers is an essential and important one.

You would need them for nearly every kind of music – from Country Music to Pop Country or even Country Blues.

Understanding Music and Drummers

Before we talk about why drummers need a good headphone, let us talk about drummers in general. What kind of instrument do they play?

There are five different types of Instruments used to create music. These are as follows –

  • Wind Instrument
  • Percussion Instrument
  • String Instrument
  • Keyboard
  • Electronic Instrument

They act as a helping guide to producing sounds as per the taste and the liking of the audience.

Drum kits or Drumsets

A drum kit or a drum set is a Percussion Instrument, a collection of drums, which is used by a drummer to create music, using drumsticks. A drummer usually has to play several drums at one go. It may become taxing at first, but practice makes a man perfect.

These drums, like most other musical instruments, tend to be extremely loud and hence, the drummer might not be able to hear the music, he wishes to create. It’s why you may have often noticed drummers wearing headphones during concerts.

Why do Drummers need Good Headphones?

A 2006 study by the Percussive Arts Society brought into the forefront the dangers of hearing for professional drummers. The study reported that over 57% of drummers Richest Drummerssuffered from tinnitus – or the ringing of the ears – and it is a noise-induced hearing loss that we are talking about.

Tinnitus, it should be remembered, nearly always leads to hearing loss. Drummers are exposed to high levels of music noise in their careers, and it’s precisely why they need a good headphone to help them out.

8 Reasons why drummers need headphones

So the basic premise as to why drummers need headphones is understood. Let us take a look at eight reasons why drummers need headphones while playing the drums.

1) To be in sync with the rest of the band

You might have often noticed in TV shows or concerts, how drummers usually are far off from the stage, and a little away from the lead vocalist and the musicians. Singers do it to make the music more effective.

The problem is, it may so happen that since the drummer is far away from the other musicians, he may not be able to be in sync with his other partners. A good pair of headphones would do the trick for the drummer as he can produce music, which is in sync and timed with the tune of the other musicians.

2) To hear music and not the crowd

It tends to get extremely loud during concerts due to the enormous crowd. At times, the drummer might not be able to hear his music. Hence, a drummer requires a good pair of Singing Drummers in Rock Historynoise cancellation headphones, so that be in sync with his other bandmates, and at the same time play the music at ease.

3) To save those eardrums from damage

One of the primary reasons as to why a drummer needs a good pair of headphones is to protect his hearing capacity. The sound created at such events is deafening, causing severe damage to the eardrums. Hence, every drummer needs to have a good pair of headphones to protect his hearing ability for future concerts as well.

4) To keep time

For musicians, keeping in sync with the beats is essential. A drummer may need to produce music and pounds followed by the other musicians and instruments on stage.

A pair of good quality headphones helps to create the right music, on sync with the beats of the musicians and the other instruments on stage.

5) To cut down on isolation

Musicians use headphones to cut down on separation and create music for the audience as per the beats.

Since the drummer is quite far off from the stage, he may not exactly be in a position to be in tune with the other vocalists and guitarists. Hence, a good pair of headphones would do just the trick. It helps to cut down on the isolation.

female drummer

6) To monitor the tune

A good pair of headphones would help the drummer to monitor the tune, as and when the time arises. At times, it may so happen, that the tune played by the other musician might not be as per the one decided previously. Hence, headphones would help the drummer to monitor the tune, and to make changes to the same accordingly.

7) To listen to recordings

A good pair of headphones would help the drummer to play music as per records created by the band, previously. It helps the drummer and the band to be more in sync, and give the best experience to their audience.

8) Listen to onstage instructions and directions

As it tends to get extremely loud on stage, passing in instructions would be a huge task. Hence, a good pair of headphones comes to the rescue. It helps the drummer listen to the instructions and directions, which may be pre-recorded, which support the drummer to play his music, effectively.

Conclusion :

Music speaks to the heart, and powerful music touches your heart even. A drummer forms an essential and significant part of the band and hence, investing in a good quality pair of headphones would always be a great option, as you still want to provide the best experience to your audience when it comes to music.