Hard Drive Type

Hard drives are the most significant parts of every computer system because they can store your data, processed through CPU. These drives work very slow but they may perform at a faster rate, while you have chosen the right drive. These hard drives are of various types, and the oldest one is HDD, used in many places as their price rate is lower than that of other options. The new ones include SSDs that are costly and work at the fastest speed.

IBM had released HDDs in the market in the year1956. However, at that time, these were applicable only for minicomputers and mainframes. Just as other devices, the manufacturers have made lots of technological improvements to these drives. For instance, the size, capacity, shape, performance, structure and interface have been modified.

SSDs are also one of the newest drive technologies, useful in computer world. These drives differ from many other storage drives as they don’t comprise moving units. Another notable thing is that they never store information with magnetism because they use circuits for storing data. The major advantages with these drives are-

  • Very fast access to data
  • Durability
  • Reduced latency
  • Lower shock susceptibility
  • Reduced usage of power.

Now, we like to tell you about the way of detecting the hard drive category, which you have chosen for your PC. There’re several ways in which you may be able to make out the type of drives, applied in your Windows computer system.

Various ways of identifying the hard drive of the PC

System Information- A simple tool for recognizing hard drive


System Information is one of the important tools, used by many computer users in order to solve the issues of hardware. This tool is now suitable for almost all Window versions, like Vista, XP,7 or 8.

You have to choose Run option in your computer, and type the word- msinfo32. Then, you will find another window. Click on Components, and from there, hit the storage button; click on option- Disk. The pane provides you with more information on every drive, related to your computer system. You have to read all those details so that you can know about every hard drive.

Drive Optimizer- Another option to find out the drive

One of the simplest ways for checking out the presence of SSD or HDD is to use Drive Optimizer. You may use this tool for your Windows PC. This Windows OS will reveal you about the type of disk you are using right now. However, for other computers, this tool is available in many other names.

Though it is a very easy process to find out the hard drive, used for your computer, we have presented you with another option.

Thus, with all these ways, you may try to know the hard drive type, used in your PC. Many computer professionals like to know the details of hardware in their computers. The above guide will be much helpful to them.