Storage devices, used in computers, are of various types. We usually use SSDs and HDDs for our PC. However, hybrid drive is another option that you may use for your computer. In some ways, HDDs work as an SSD and they are also bigger in size in compared to SSD. You may also call it as SSHD, and this drive tracks your data automatically in SSD to maintain the fast speed.

Hybrid drive- How this is related to SSD

The best fact about this hybrid drive is that it comprises not only a part of SSD but also a traditional type of magnetic drive. The drive also acts as the only drive for your OS. The firmware of this drive manages everything that is present in your SSD. A part of SSD of your hard drive works as the cache. These are files that you need to access several times. Another important fact is that with hybrid drives, the storage space for SSDs is very small.

Hybrid drive

Price rates of the drives

Hybrid drive is much cheaper, if you compare it to SSDs as it has smaller memory. However, the hybrid memory may be of 2 TB and it has cache memory of almost 8 GB. It may be costlier than any simple mechanical storage drive of 2 TB. Many computer brands have this kind of drives in order to present the best speed rate at the lowest rate.

Thus, the major factors are- the capacity of storage and price rate. While the cost of SSD and magnetic drives are almost same, you may not need to consider hybrid drives. In almost all the ways, SSDs are superior. Hybrid drive is much helpful as the SSDs are costlier for every GB. When you like to have better speed of SSDs and more storage space, it is better to have hybrid drive.

You can find two major technologies, related to the hybrid category.

In these two storage technologies, the main intention is to fastest technology with HDD to offer provide better performance. It is done with the use of hot data on your storage system. You have to make decisions on the data components that are important for your NAND memory.

next-generation Haswell platform

Dual-drive systems

These systems include the application of HDD and SSD separately in one computer system. The optimizations of performance are manageable in various ways-

  • The PC users place the data manually into the faster working drive
  • With the OS that combines the drives into the hybrid category

Solid-state drives

These drives are those products, which include NAND memory to HDD. You may also use the term- SSHD. The design of this SSHD identifies all the elements of data, directly related to performance.

Thus, you have perhaps got an idea on hybrid drive, which applies platter drive. Try out this new drive in order to use the latest technology. It may work better than any other older technology, used for computer.