SSD vs HDD – What’s the Difference?

SSD comparison
A few years ago, the only type of storage on computers was a hard drive or better known as HDD. Over the years, the technology stayed the same, but the capacity has been increasing constantly. Nowadays, we have HDDs with a capacity of 4TB. Then we were able to see SSD (solid-state drive) available...

How Much RAM Do I Need For Video Editing?

All the users who are into video editing software must know that this type of software uses far more RAM, graphics card and processing power than anything else. Compared to ordinary uses, we can see an increase in RAM requirement for stunning 300%. This is the best case scenario, believe or not. More sophisticated...

Find Out The Storage Units That Transfer Data At The Fastest Speed

Transfer Data
  There are lots of technologies, used in the disk drives of a computer system. However, the data transferring speed of those storage devices must be very high. This rate may vary the speed of capturing video or any other file.   In the field of telecommunication, data transfer rate is measurable in only bits. The lower...

Ways To Make Out The Hard Drive Type Used For Your Computer

Hard Drive Type
Hard drives are the most significant parts of every computer system because they can store your data, processed through CPU. These drives work very slow but they may perform at a faster rate, while you have chosen the right drive. These hard drives are of various types, and the oldest one is HDD, used...

8 Reasons Why IEMs are great for comfort and sounding better

IEMs are the Best
Top touring artists use in-ear monitors, and for a good reason. With its broader range and low costs, they're popular than ever. Plus, they are easier to carry and take up less space. It's what you call a win-win for artists and music lovers, and it's not without reason. As an artist, you wouldn't like...

NVMe- Should You Invest On It?

With the increasing popularity of SSDs, the term, NVM has also become much common to the computers. NVMe indicates an interface of communications, and this has been designed by several vendors, like Samsung and Intel. While you consider performance, you may try to know the difference of latency and bandwidth. Bandwidth is associated with such...

eMMC Memory- Know The Details Of This Memory Card

eMMC Memory
As one of the regular Smartphone or tab users, you perhaps know that these devices store the major data in the flash memory. Traditionally, you may find the use of controllers for the management of data writing or reading tasks. However, with the development of semiconductor system, the density of storage gets increased. The...

SSD- What Does It Represent To The Computer Users

Almost every computer users like to enhance the performance of a computer with the use of various technologies. One of the best ways to do so is to add SSD to the PC. This is a Solid State Drive, a kind of storage unit that follows the rotating HDD. However, it is designed with...

Hybrid Drive- Get An Idea Of It Before Using It For Your PC

Storage devices, used in computers, are of various types. We usually use SSDs and HDDs for our PC. However, hybrid drive is another option that you may use for your computer. In some ways, HDDs work as an SSD and they are also bigger in size in compared to SSD. You may also call...

5 Tips on Choosing the Most Durable Earbuds

Earbuds are the miniature versions of headphones. You plug them in your ears, and off you go with your iPhone, jogging into the horizon. Ah, but if it were just that simple. Earbuds and headphones are notorious for their fragility. If you are the couch potato, you might not have much to worry about them,...


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